Cyclo-ssage Cyclo-ssage - helping the body help itself.

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Cyclo-ssage NZ

The Cyclo-ssage is a full body massage system providing effective pain management. Intended for both personal and professional use, the system combines Cycloidal Massage with Infrared Heat. By relieving muscle and joint mobility symptoms, it can provide a viable alternative to prescribed medication.

Cyclo-ssage therapy systems will:

  • Remove or reduce your medication intake.
  • Improve your quality of life.
  • Combat the ageing process.

Regular use accelerates blood flow and delivery of nutrients to vital organs helping your body recover.
(15 minutes = 2.5 hours of vigorous exercise!!!)

Running an Aged Care Facility?

Cyclo-ssage will provide you with a new way to relieve pain and suffering in your care facility. Call today for your no obligation half day visit. Our agent will treat a variety of conditions that your staff and clients have - only then will you appreciate how investment in our system provides a notable return as costs and stress reduce throughout your facility.

Visit for full details including articles on 14 different types of condition that Cyclo-ssage is suitable to help with.

Cyclo-ssage - helping the body help itself.


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