Care & Health

  • Aged Care Options

    » Retirement, Rest Homes and Home Care Options

    Home care, family care, rest homes or retirement villages find out here all your options to make a informed decision.


  • Financial Information

    » Financial Information

    Information to help taking care of financial matters.


  • Physical and Mental Health

    » Physical and Mental Health Conditions (A-Z)

    What is Dementia? Diabetes? Here we have all the health related info on physical and mental health.


  • Ageing Well

    » Ageing Well

    Find out what you need to know to age well. Take control and do what you can for a comfortable future.


  • Eating for Older People

    » Eating for Older People

    Information on nutrition, food groups, drinking plenty of fluids, foods low in fat, salt and sugar, healthy weight, exercise, important vitamins and minerals, and food safety.


  • Medications

    » Medications

    If you’re a regular user of over-the-counter medicines, or taking prescription drugs long term, you may want to know more about them. You should also be aware that the aging process can have an effect on how your medications work.


  • Hospice Care

    » Hospice Care

    ‘Palliative care’ is care for a person of any age who has a life-limiting illness. Hospices are the main providers of specialist palliative care services for people living in the community.


  • Being Social

    » Being Social

    As a social species, being able to connect and interact with others is just as important to our health as maintaining activity.


  • Funeral Planning

    » Funeral Planning

    As society has moved towards more acceptance of people talking about their feelings, so has there been more acceptance of people talking about their own death, or the death of somebody close to them.


  • Security

    » Alarms and Security

    Medical alarms are highly recommended for anyone with frailty and medical conditions. Security is often a big worry for older people and their families especially those living alone.


  • Mobility Aids

    » Mobility Aids Information

    There are numerous mobility aids available these days. In most cases it is advisable to get advice from a Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist about the most suitable aid for you.


  • Community Health Services

    » Community Health Services

    There are various community health services that provide aged care help.


  • Maintaining Home and Garden

    » Maintaining the Home and Garden

    Factors to consider with the aged and their home and garden environment.


  • Power of Attorney

    » Enduring Power of Attorney

    An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is a legal document that can protect you and what is precious to you.


  • Older Driver

    » Transport and Driving

    Drivers over 70 generally have good driving habits. However, while older drivers are involved in relatively few crashes, in terms of crashes per kilometre driven they are second only to young drivers.